ACTIVISION|BLIZZARD HEADQUARTERS    Santa Monica, California      CLIENT   Activision|Blizzard   PROGRAM Headquarters for the interactive entertainment software industry’s leading publisher, including open and private offices, conference rooms, gaming areas, a screening room, an all-company assembly space, and a cafeteria   AREA   13,300 m² (143,000 sf)    COST Confidential    STATUS  Commenced 2011; completed Concept Design 2012; completed 2013   ARCHITECT REX    PERSONNEL    David Anderson, Vincent Appel (PL), Joshua Prince-Ramus, Shea Sabino, Alok Shetty, Andrew Weigand   CONSULTANTS    Bureau Bas Smets, Buro Happold, Corey Greer, Lookinglass, Magnusson Klemencic, Triarch
  ANNENBERG CENTER FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY II   Pasadena, California    CLIENT   California Institute of Technology   PROGRAM   Research, teaching, and administrative building that supports and enhances new collaborations beyond the traditional areas of information science, and mixes participants at different levels of their careers (students, post-docs, visitors, and faculty)   AREA   6,100 m² (65,000 sf)   COST   $22.7 million (bid)   STATUS   Commenced 2005; completed Design Development 2006; canceled 2006   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Robert Donnelly, Erez Ella, Vanessa Kassabian, David Menicovich,   Joshua Prince-Ramus, Gregers Tang Thomsen   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   Gruen   CONSULTANTS   Arup, Davis Langdon, DHV, Front, KPFF, Quinze & Milan, Scape, Tillotson Design, 2x4
   MADISON AVENUE (DOLL)HOUSE    New York, New York   CLIENT  Calvin Klein, Inc.  PROGRAM  (Doll)House for the “Calvin Klein Woman,” displayed in the Calvin Klein Collection storefront on Madison Avenue during the 2008-2009 holiday season  AREA  Dollhouse: 4.0 m² (43 sf); Concept House: 190 m² (2,000 sf)  WEIGHT  450 kg (1,000 lbs)  COST  Confidential  STATUS  Completed November 2008  ARCHITECT  REX    PERSONNEL      Jeffrey Franklin, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel, Alejandro Schieda, Eugenia Zimmermann    CONSULTANTS  Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Situ Studio
  CALVIN KLEIN VOYEUR HOUSE SINGAPORE   Kallang Airport, Singapore    CLIENT   Calvin Klein, Inc.   PROGRAM   Temporary house for Calvin Klein, Inc. in an abandoned hangar at Singapore’s Kallang Airport, featuring thirty models displaying the brand’s various collections (CK Collection, CK Platinum, CK Jeans, and CK Underwear), each with its own distinct room in the house furnished with pieces from the CK Home Collection.   AREA   300 m² (3,230 sf)   COST   Confidential   STATUS   Commenced 2014; completed 2014   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Alysen Hiller, Roberto Otero (PL), Joshua Prince-Ramus, Raul Rodriguez,    Elina Spruza (PL), Antarkish Tandon, Cristina Webb   CONSULTANTS   K2 Asia
  CLC & MSFL TOWERS   Shenzhen, China    KEY AWARDS     AZURE   magazine's 2012 People's Choice Award    CLIENT   CBD Leasing Company (CLC) and Minsheng Financial Leasing Company (MSFL)   PROGRAM   Headquarters buildings for two of China’s largest growing financial institutions, including owned and leased office space, operations halls, multi-purpose rooms, boutique and “big box” retail, high-end dining, cafeterias, gyms, gallery, executive club, shared lobby, and parking    AREA   131,600 m² (1,416,000 sf)   COST   RMB 1.024 billion ($160.3 million) (c ore and shell construction)   STATUS   Limited competition, 2011   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX    PERSONNEL   Adam Chizmar, Danny Duong, Gabe Jewell-Vitale, Dongil Kim, Romea Muryn, Roberto Otero (PL), Joshua Prince-Ramus, Lena Reeh Rasmussen, Yuan Tiauriman, João Vieira Costa (PL)   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   JET/AIM   CONSULTANTS   MKA, Transsolar
  EQUATOR TOWER   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    KEY AWARDS  International Design Awards, Silver Award, 2014; Architizer A+ Award, Architecture+Technology, 2014   CLIENT   Confidential   PROGRAM   380-meter (1,230-foot), 80-story tower comprised of offices and related amenities, including auditoria, bar, banquet halls, cafeterias, executive clubs, gift shop, meeting rooms, prayer halls, restaurants, retail, and sky terraces, and is wrapped in an external, retractable sun shade.   AREA   173,000 m² (1,860,000 sf)   COST   Confidential   STATUS   Limited competition, 2012; one of five winning entries, 2013   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Adam Chizmar, Danny Duong, Luis Gil, Alysen Hiller, Gabriel Jewell-Vitale, Roberto Otero (PL), Se Yoon Park, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Yuan Tiauriman, Cristina Webb   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   DP   CONSULTANTS   Arup, Barker Mohandas, DEGW, Front, Magnusson Klemencic,   Martha Schwartz Partners
  FORWARD RESIDENCE  New York, New York   CLIENT  Confidential  PROGRAM  Penthouse residence in an iconic Lower Manhattan building  AREA  260 m² (2,800 sf)  COST  Confidential   STATUS  Commenced 2007; completed Construction Documents 2008  DESIGN ARCHITECT  REX  PERSONNEL  Tim Archambault, Erez Ella, Andrew Heid, Adam Koogler,  Joshua Prince-Ramus   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT  Michael Zenreich  CONSULTANTS  Construction Specifications, DHV, Front, Plus Group, SGH, Tillotson Design
  GUGGENHEIM-HERMITAGE MUSEUM AND GUGGENHEIM LAS VEGAS MUSEUM   Las Vegas, Nevada    CLIENTS   The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, The State Hermitage Museum, The Venetian Casino and Resort   PROGRAM   Masterpiece gallery and temporary exhibition space   AREA   750 m² (8,000 sf) and 6,000 m² (64,000 sf)    COST   $5 million and $27 million (construction)   STATUS   Commenced 2000; completed 2001   DESIGN ARCHITECT   OMA   KEY PERSONNEL   Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus (Partner-in-Charge),   with Christian Bandi   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   TSA   CONSULTANTS   Arup, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Martin & Martin, Martin & Peltyn, MSA, Rolf Jensen, Syska & Hennessy, Taylor International, 2x4
  FIVE MANHATTAN WEST   New York, New York    CLIENT   Brookfield Office Properties   PROGRAM   Repositioning, re-cladding, and interior renovation of a 140,000 m² (1,500,000 sf) Manhattan Brutalist landmark (450 W 33  rd   Street)   ENCLOSURE AREA   29,800 m² (321,000 sf)    COST   $200 million (construction)   STATUS   Commenced 2011; construction commenced 2014; completion expected 2016   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Cheryl Baxter, Qianqian Cai, Adam Chizmar, Rachel Dao, Danny Duong,   Luis Gil, Alysen Hiller (PL), Gabriel Jewell-Vitale, Romea Muryń, Judith Mussel, Kurt Nieminen,   Roberto Otero (PL), Se Yoon Park, Justin Piercy, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Ishtiaq Rafiuddin,   Lena Reeh Rasmussen, Raul Rodriguez, Minyoung Song, Elina Spruza, Yuan Tiauriman, João Vieira Costa,   Matthew Uselman (PL), Cristina Webb, Matthew Zych   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   Adamson   CONSULTANTS   Atelier Ten, Cerami, Cosentini, Edgett Williams, Entek, Front, James Corner Field Operations, Pentagram, Permasteelisa, Philip Habib, SOM, Tillotson Design, William Vitacco
  KORTRIJK LLLIBRARY   Kortrijk, Belgium    CLIENT   City of Kortrijk   PROGRAM   "LLLibrary" composed of Central Library, Life-Long Learning Center, and Music Center   AREA   21,800 m² (223,900 sf)   COST   €30.9 million ($41.9 million)   STATUS   Limited competition, first prize, 2009   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Lee Altman, Haviland Argo, Gabrielle Brainard, Keith Burns, Alex Diez, Jeffrey Franklin, Javier Haddad, David Menicovich, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel   URBAN PLANNER/LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT   Bureau Bas Smets   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   Bureau Bouwtechniek   CONSULTANTS   NEY, Studio Arne Quinze
  LOW2NO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT   Helsinki, Finland    CLIENT   Sitra, The Finnish Innovation Fund   PROGRAM   Mixed-use sustainable development containing 14,000 m² of residential units,   an 8,000 m² headquarters, and 13,200 m² of “Urban Infill”   AREA   35,200 m² (378,900 sf)   COST   NA   STATUS   Limited competition, second prize, 2009   ARCHITECT   REX | Croxton Collaborative | NOW   REX PERSONNEL   Garrick Ambrose, Haviland Argo, E. Sean Bailey, Thomas Baker, Christopher Barley, Behrang Behin, Barrett Brown, Keith Burns, Wayne Congar, Juilanne Gola, Adam Koogler, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel, Troy Therrien   CONSULTANTS   2x4, Arup New York, Bureau Bas Smets, Front, Jonathan Rose Companies, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Transsolar
  McDONALD'S   Confidential    CLIENT   McDonald's Corporation   PROGRAM   Confidential   AREA   Confidential   COST   Confidential   STATUS   Confidential   ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Stephen Baron, Adam Chizmar (PL Phase 1), Matt Choot, Danny Duong, Luis Gil (PL Phase 1), Adam Hayes, Alysen Hiller (PL Phase 2), Gabriel Jewell-Vitale (PL Phase 1), Mark Kroeckel, David Maple, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Ashley Reed, Cristina Webb (PL Phase 2)
  MEDIA HEADQUARTERS BUILDINGS   Middle East    KEY AWARDS   AR  MIPIM Future Project Awards/Tall Buildings High Commendation, 2015;  Azure Magazine  AZ Awards, Jury Award, 2014;  Azure Magazine  AZ Awards, People’s Choice Award, 2014   CLIENT   Confidential   PROGRAM   Headquarters buildings for sister media companies, including offices, studios, and common facilities (agora, amphitheater, auditorium, café, canteen, employee lounge, executive lounge, fine dining, gallery, health club, majlis, and theater)   AREA   240,200 m² (2,600,000 sf)    COST   Confidential   STATUS   Invited competition 2013; awaiting competition result 2016   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Alberto Cumerlato, Tomas Janka, Gabriel Jewell-Vitale (PL), Roberto Otero (PL), Joshua Prince-Ramus, Aude Soffer, Alex Tehranian, Cristina Webb   CONSULTANTS   Barker Mohandas, Front, Magnuson Klemencic, !melk, str.ucture, Transsolar
  MUNCH MUSEUM AND STENERSEN MUSEUM COLLECTIONS   Oslo, Norway    CLIENT   HAV Eiendom, Oslo Kommune   PROGRAM   Art museum housing the Munch and Stenersen Collections, self-produced and travelling exhibitions   AREA   16,585 m² (178,520 sf)   COST   NA   STATUS   Limited competition, second prize, 2009   ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Lee Altman, Haviland Argo, Gabrielle Brainard, Keith Burns, Alex Diez,   Jeffrey Franklin, Javier Haddad, David Menicovich, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel   CONSULTANTS   Lord, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Transsolar
  MUSEUM PLAZA   Louisville, Kentucky    CLIENT   Museum Plaza, LLC   PROGRAM   214-meter tall (703-foot tall), 62-story skyscraper on the banks of the Ohio River, containing a 3,700 m² (40,000 sf) contemporary art institute; the University of Louisville’s 2,300 m² (25,000 sf) Master of Fine Arts program; a 250-room Westin Hotel; 98 luxury condominiums; 117 lofts; 25,000 m² (269,000 sf) of office space on 13 floors; 1,900 m² (20,000 sf) of restaurants and shops; parking for 800 cars; and a public sculpture garden   AREA   141,800 m² (1,530,000 sf)   COST   $490.0 million   STATUS   Commenced 2005; construction commenced 2007; construction on hold 2008; cancelled 2011   DESIGN ARCHITECT   REX   PERSONNEL   Christopher Agosta, David Chacon, Stephane Derveaux, Erez Ella,   Selva Gurdogan, Javier Haddad, Uenal Karamuk, Vanessa Kassabian, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Alejandro Schieda, Dong-Ping Wong   EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT   Kendall Heaton Associates   CONSULTANTS   Cermak Peterka Petersen, Chris Dercon, DHV, Front, LD&D, Lord, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, M. A. Mortenson, Newcomb & Boyd, Persohn Hahn, Tillotson Design Associates, Transsolar
   VESTBANE      Oslo, Norway      CLIENT        City of Oslo    PROGRAM        Mixed-use building, including Deichman Library and Stenersen Museum, in addition to a second museum, a performing arts theater, or a Cineplex    AREA        45,000 m² (484,000 sf)    COST        Confidential    STATUS        Competition, first prize, 2002; completed Feasibility Study 2007; commenced Schematic Design 2008; completion expected 2011    ARCHITECT        REX | SPACEGROUP    PERSONNEL        Gary Bates, Ouida Biddle, Gro Bonesmo, Erez Ella, Fredrik Krogeide, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Oana Stanescu, Dong-Ping Wong, Human Wu
   SONGDO LANDMARK CITY BLOCK A4    Incheon, Korea   CLIENT  Songdo Landmark City (SLC)  PROGRAM  Residential towers with a total of approximately 2,000 units, community facilities, retail, and underground parking  AREA  342,900 m² (3,691,000 sf)  COST  Confidential  STATUS   Schematic Design, 2010; cancelled, 2011   DESIGN ARCHITECT  REX  PERSONNEL  Adolfo Albaisa, Haviland Argo, E. Sean Bailey, Keith Burns, Nicolas de Courten, Rob Daurio, Jeremiah Joseph, Hui Lee, Katharine Meagher, Clinton Miller, Roberto Otero, Michelle Petersen, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel, Nikolas Rychen, Tal Schori, Hala Sheikh, Nuo Xu   LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT  Bureau Bas Smets  EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT  HYUNDAI Architects & Engineers; SAMOO Architects & Engineers   CONSULTANT   Magnusson Klemencic Associates
   SURYA    Dallas, Texas    KEY AWARDS    International Design Awards, Bronze Award, 2014     CLIENT      Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund    PROGRAM       400-foot tall, dynamic, sunlight-responsive sculpture to block glare from Museum Tower onto the Nasher Sculpture Center   SURFACE AREA      5,360 m² (57,600 sf)    COST      Confidential       STATUS      Concept Design, 2012    ARCHITECT      REX/Front    PERSONNEL      Adrian Betanzos (F), Adam Chizmar (R), Danny Duong (PL), Richard Green (F), Ramon van der Heijden (F), Anthony Kantzas (F), Joshua Prince-Ramus (R), Marc Simmons (F), Yalin Uluaydin (F)    CONSULTANT      Magnusson Klemencic
   VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM AT DUNDEE    Dundee, Scotland   CLIENT  V&A at Dundee  PROGRAM  National Design Centre located in the River Tay, including V&A galleries, design incubator, event space, restaurant, cafe, wine bar, art handling and storage facilities, offices, and retail  AREA  6.695 m² (72,060 sf)  COST  £32.55 million ($51.54 million)   (construction)    STATUS  Limited competition, submitted 2010  ARCHITECT  REX  PERSONNEL  Haviland Argo, Keith Burns, Roberto Otero, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Jacob Reidel  EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT  RMJM  CONSULTANTS  Arch Henderson, Buro Happold, Donnell Consultants, DHV, Hargreaves Associates, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Tillotoson Design Associates, Transsolar, Turner & Townsend, 2x4
  VAKKO FASHION CENTER  Istanbul, Turkey   KEY AWARDS  AIA New York Honor Award, 2015;  ArchDaily' s 2010 Office Building of the Year;  Wallpaper*  magazine's Design Award 2011 for Best Workspace;  ICON  magazine's Award 2011 for the World's Coolest Office   CLIENTS  Vakko and Power Media  PROGRAM  Headquarters for a Turkish fashion house—including offices, showrooms, conference rooms, auditorium, museum, and dining hall—as well as the television studios, radio production facilities, and screening rooms of its media sister-company  AREA  5,400 m² (58,000 sf) and 3,700 m² (40,000 sf)  COST  Confidential  STATUS  Commenced 2009; completed 2010  ARCHITECT  REX  PERSONNEL  Erez Ella, Tomas Janka, Mathias Madaus, David Menicovich, Tsuyoshi Nakamoto, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Ishtiaq Rafiuddin, Tieliu Wu  CONSULTANTS  ARTE, Autoban, Buro Statik, Cedetas, Dora, Eleksis, Front, Gurmen Muhendislik, Lamglas, Norm Tecnic, Say Yapi, STEP, Superpool, Cem Mimarlik
   DON’T REBUILD. REIMAGINE.     New York, USA     CLIENT        The New York Times Magazine    PROGRAM         Concept for a ‘new’ American skyscraper, proposed within a plan to relieve commercial pressure from the highly contested World Trade Center (WTC) site, by transferring development   to a new West Street corridor     STATUS       Published on September 8, 2002   ARCHITECT       OMA NY (REX was formerly known as OMA NY)   KEY PERSONNEL       Eric Chang, Erhard Kinzelback, Casey Mack, Joshua Prince-Ramus   CONSULTANTS       Schindler
  YONGSAN EXPERIMENT  Seoul, Korea   CLIENT  Dreamhub Project Financial Investment Co., Ltd.  PROGRAM  Cultural node—including art center, arts magnet school, broadcasting studio, congress center, museum, and performing arts theater —within a 2.2 million m² (23.6 million sf) master plan designed by SOM and Field Operations, on the waterfront of the Han River  AREA  59,800 m² (642,000 sf)  STATUS  Competition, 2008  ARCHITECT  REX  PERSONNEL  Jeffrey Franklin, Javier Haddad, David Menicovich, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Eugenia Zimmermann  CONSULTANTS  Buro Happold